Design for small companies in Brazil is, at the same time, exciting and frustrating. Exciting because you have a great challenge ahead and you talk directly with the ones who have dreamed the business and this business persons are very receptive and collaborative. Frustrating because producing packages in Brazil is mainly for the big ones. The print batches needed to customize the design are high and expensive, so printers and producers are not open to small projects. Sometimes, all you have left are standards.
We have been through this path in the Boa Gula's project, so we bypass the barriers with graphic design solutions.
The visual concept
For the graphic design, our client wanted something unconventional and modern, so we came up with this icons so that we could show quickly what Boa Gula was all about: a rigorous selection of ingredients made by the Chef, delivered in highly customizable packs in a very practical and fast way.
The color scheme, in which the vegetable and natural green tones are predominant, try to convey the flavours of the meal.
Labels (seen here in close look) were the solution chosen by the client so that the packing process could be as fast as needed.
The main kits for delivery configuration includes portions of carbohydrates, fibers and proteins.
Special pack for Kids
The design brings fun to the moment of feeding.
Baby food
The baby food labels bring the babies universe in fun and friendly way.
This is the pack for soups and creams
Charming and simple for this comfort food.
This is the whole packaging system, including dessert pots.
Delivery bags
We have designed a set of 5 different yet integrated layouts for the delivery bags. Some were meant to display the website and some others to convey the company's institutional values.
The proposed ideas were supposed to be produced in semi-rigid plastics with a little bit of transparency, but client has opted to apply the same design in flexible plastic bags.
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