I created this Identity for Izabela Braga when she was the Chef of Boa Gula Food Delivery, but after some time, due to the Izabela professional growth as a Chef, apart from Boa Gula, she came to me and asked for a new web site and for Personal Identity.

So what I did was to go deeper into the existing one instead of
creating a whole new Identity.
This signture was already created and it was already in a very personal fashion,
so I decided to continue without any changes.
The Business Cards came just after the web site layout was approved
it had to be consistent with the Chef's online presence. Once the client had assigned Veredas Studio
to create the illustrations for the web site's background and they became so strongly connected
with the whole identity we took it as the main identity element.
The web site
The visual message this design wants to convey is an environment of flavor, based on the Chef's style and to bring a totally unconvetional design regarding web standards we are all used to see nowadays.
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