Client wanted a sophiscated and innovative design for a pack for food delivery. One of the demands was to have a plate inside to serve the ready to meal. Then we came up with this triangular shape made of polypropylene plastic which is suitable for microwave oven.
We produced some alternatives as shown below:
This is the base of this food container with 3 internal dividers so that it could deliver a complete meal.
This a plate so that the buyer can serve the meal.
The plate fits over the container and works as tamper proof closure system.
Overall we made cover to ensure no leaks and to keep the food hot.
the client wanted to see more alternatives under the same overall triangular shape so we created this new base container with the dividers put in another direction and with new closure system.
The main preoccupation was to find a way to keep the plate clean from the fresh food contact. So we designed this simple flat plastic sheet which helped to increase the content protection at the same time it separated the content from the plate.
The cover was planned to have double function: work as a cover as well as the plate, this last one will be done once the cover was turned upside down. While it was closed it allowed a stacking through 3 small slots which matches the bottom.
The cover which could be used as a plate.
Cover close detail. Bottom up.
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